Michael Barnett, Carpentry:

A member of local 200 and a 40 year member of the UBC, Michael is a former superintendant and steward. Michael specializes in interior systems and concrete formwork. Michael has earned certifications in OSHA 500, Concrete Formwork and Insulated Concrete Forms, Interior Systems Layout, Acoustical Ceilings, Commercial Door Hardware, Construction Math, as well as Scaffolding, Aerial Lift and Powered Industrial Truck.

Bill Crossley, Safety Manager and Lead Instructor:

A member of Local 435 and a 29-year member of the UBC, Crossley is a veteran carpenter with experience as a foreman, lead carpenter, steward, instructor, safety manager and lead instructor. Crossley specializes in safety and concrete. His certifications include Scaffold, Rigging, OSHA 500, Lead, Hazardous Waste, CPR/First Aid, Total Station, Confined Space, Aerial Lift, and Power Industrial Truck. He was also a part of the UBC’s Carpenter International Training Fund’s General Sills curriculum team.

Jim Ebert, Interior Systems and Carpentry Instructor:

A member of Local 744 and a 32-year member of the UBC, Ebert is a veteran cabinetmaker and carpenter with experience as a foreman, superintendent and estimator. Ebert has taught for more than ten years, and specializes in interior systems and carpentry. UBC Certifications earned include Material Safety Data Sheet, Confined Space, Lift Truck, OSHA 500, Insulated Concrete Formwork, C.O.M.E.T, Lead Abatement, Solid Surface, Barrel Ceilings, Roof Framing, Teaching Technology, Substance Abuse Program Trainer, Power Line Hazard Awareness, Millwright 16 Hour Health And Safety, OSHA 502, and Scaffold Erector Trainer.

Ron Herman, Millwright:

A member of Local 1871 and a 23 year member of the UBC, Herman is a veteran millwright with experience as a general foreman, foreman, and steward. Herman has taught for more than 15 years, specializing in welding and welding certifications. His own certifications include Certified Welding Inspector, Rigging, Powered Industrial Trucks, and Aerial Lift.

Joseph Horrigan, Millwright:

A member of Local 1871 and a 27 year member of the UBC, Horrigan has work experience as a Millwright working in fossil fuel and nuclear power plants, automotive plants and steel mills. He also has work experience as a Piledriver. His teaching qualifications include Welding, Turbines, Pumps, Conveyors, Optics, Alignments ,Safety ,First Aid and CPR, Industrial Trucks and Aerial Lift.

K. Guy Kappele, Flooring Instructor:

K. Guy Kappele is a member of Local 373 and a 19-year UBC member. He completed the four-year apprenticeship program through the Ohio Carpenters Apprenticeship Program, and worked for one of the area’s largest flooring companies for his entire career. He worked as an installer for 11 years, then became a working foreman for the last 8 years. His certifications include: Resilient INSTALL Certified, NORA Rubber certified installer, Forbo Associate mechanic, and PROTECT-ALL certified installer.

Ted Lauer, Carpentry:

A member of Carpenter local 356 and a 16 year member of the UBC, Ted is a part time journeyman skills advancement instructor. Teds certifications include OSHA training, First Aid, CPR and Scaffolding.

Jeff Moore, Flooring:

A member of Local 351, and a 24-year UBC member, Jeff is a veteran floorlayer with experience in all areas of the floorcovering trade. Jeff has been an instructor for 10+ yrs. His certifications include: INSTALL, Armstrong, Forbo Master Mechanic, Mohawk, NWFA and Shaw.

Antonio Midlam, Millwright & Welding:

A member of local 1066, UBC member since 1977 and a Instructor for the Southwest Training Center since 2008. Antonio (Tony) brought a wealth of past work and training experiences as a Millwright and has worked hard to obtain additional credentials as a Millwright/Welding Instructor. Tony’s certifications include Millwright Safety, OSHA 500, First Aid/CPR, Welding Instructor Train the Trainer, Aerial Lift, Powered Industrial Truck, Rigging/Signaling, AWS — Certified Welding Inspector, Machinery Alignment, Confined Space Instructor, Gas and Steam Turbine and Hytorc Bolting Technician.

Wendy Rial:

A member of Local 351 and a 15-year member of the UBC, Wendy Rial is a trained Career Connections Specialist. Wendy’s background includes being an experienced in-field safety specialist; study in the fields of carpentry, residential and commercial construction, interior systems, heavy and highway, bridges, concrete, scaffolding, and rigging. Rial graduated from the Swiss Hills Vocational School and completed her associate’s degree in the spring of 2013, achieving an Associates in Skills Trade Construction, Certificate of Proficiency in Spanish. She also completed the Occupational Safety and Health Specialist Certificate. Rial teaches both apprenticeship and journeyman upgrade classes, and covers topics such as; OSHA 10hr and 30hr, Millwright 16 and Passport 16, Scaffold Erector and User Qualification, Rigging and Signaling Nationally Accredited Qualification, American Heart CPR/AED/FA, Blood Borne Pathogens, Best Work Practices in Occupied Health Care Facility (ICRA), Aerial/Scissor Lift Qualification, Power Industrial Truck Qualification (Fork Lift and Rough Terrain).

James Robbins, Flooring:

A member of Local 136, James has been a Union Floor layer for over 10 years. He is INSTALL Carpet and Resilient Certified and has taken the Train the Trainer to provide other floor layers this opportunity.

Craig Rosala, Flooring:

A member of Local 373 and a 34-year member of the UBC, Rosala specializes in all types of flooring, including flashcoving, linoleum and vinyl. Rosala’s certifications include INSTALL, Congoleum, Armstrong, National Wood Flooring Association, Mohawk Carpet, Shaw Carpet and FORBO Certifications of ‘Associate’ and ‘Master Mechanic’.

David Schultz, Millwright:

A member of Millwright Local 1090, David has been an instructor since 2013. He possesses three associates’ degrees in Manufacturing Technology, Industrial Maintenance and Machining and Metal working. David is also a holder of a Tool and Die Journeyman’s’ Card. His certifications include: Powered Industrial Truck, Aerial Lift, First Aid/ CPR, OSHA 500, Rigging and Signaling, GE Gas Turbine Familiarization, Hytorc Bolting.

Douglas Sherritt, Carpentry:

A member of Carpenters local 136 and a Instructor for the Southwest Ohio Training Center for the more than 10 years. Doug’s background is in residential framing, concrete, and commercial construction. His certifications include: Solid surface, Total Station, Scaffold, Pile Driving, Insulated Concrete Forms, Rigging/Signaling, Powered Industrial Truck, Aerial Lift, OSHA 500 & 502, First aid/CPR and more. Doug is a well rounded Instructor and is often asked to Instruct at the Carpenters International Training Center.

Cooper Suter, Carpentry:

Cooper Suter is a member of Local 351 and a 19-year member of the UBC, but a 30-year veteran carpenter. Cooper’s working background includes wood framing, exterior & interior finish, interior systems, concrete formwork, and scaffold work. Cooper has been employed as a journeyman, a foreman, a superintendent, has served the union as a steward, and has taught carpentry at both the apprenticeship and the secondary/vocational level. Cooper’s UBC Certifications include: Aerial Lift, 1st Aid/CPR/AED/Blood borne Pathogens, ICRA Best Practices in Occupied Health Care Facilities, Insulating Concrete Forms, Interior Systems Layout, Powered Industrial Truck, Roof Framing, and Stair Building.

Keith Taylor, Area Coordinator, Richfield Campus, Rossford Campus:

A member of Local 435 and a 25 year UBC member, Taylor specializes in residential carpentry. Keith’s working background includes house framing and interior systems work both as a carpenter and foreman. Keith’s UBC Certifications include: OSHA 500, Best Practices in Occupied Health Care Facilities (ICRA), Structural Insulated Panels, Scaffold, Solid Surface, Heavy Gauge Steel Framing, Powered Industrial Truck, and Aerial Lift, Solar Installation, Structural Insulated Panels and Total Station.

Todd Weinbrecht, Millwright:

A member of Millwright local 1241 and a 22 year member of the UBC, Todd is a skilled Millwright with experience as a foreman and superintendant. His specialties include optics, layout and welding. His certifications include OSHA 500, Powered Industrial Truck, Scaffolding, First Aid, CPR, AED, Fall Protection, Confined Space, Human Performance, Precision Optical Alignment, Rigging and Signaling, GE Familiarization and Hytorc.

Memo From the Job Site
Irene (Rocky) H.

A graduate of the apprenticeship program and a carpenter for nearly 20 years, Irene made the move from a career in social work to carpentry at a time in her life when she was looking for a more fulfilling job experience.

“The apprenticeship program offers a whole spectrum of experiences from rough framing and safety to stair building and finish carpentry. It helped provide me with an education in materials and applications to prepare me for a career in the commercial construction industry.

Being in the union, and having my on-the-job experiences helped me take on leadership roles. I’ve taught courses in a pre-apprenticeship program, and have even done some teaching in the carpenters’ apprenticeship program.

I now have a skill I can use. Once you have that skill, no one can take that away from you.”