Ohio Carpenters’ Joint Apprenticeship & Training Program



Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have To Know Someone To Apply?

No, all that is required to apply is a high school diploma or GED and your GED test scores. Additionally your high school transcripts, a driver’s license or state issued photo I.D. and if you have one, a resume to upload.

How Long Is An Apprenticeship?

Most of the journeypersons you will work with will say they are learning something new every day, but our structured program is 4 years. Each year you will learn new skillsets to your chosen trade (Millwright, Carpenter, Floor Coverer) through both one week of classroom time every quarter as well as your time working on a jobsite.

How Much Will I Work?

The best answer is “Who are you?” — If you’re someone who is excited about learning, enjoys a challenge (both mental and physical), loves seeing the progress your labor creates and works with a purpose — you’ll have a great career.

Do I Have To Have Any Experience Already?

No, while any experience is a plus, and some may qualify for credit, none is required. The textbook definition of apprenticeship is “an arrangement in which someone learns an art, trade or job from another”. We’re here to teach you, both in class and from your co-workers on the jobsite.

Will My Military Service Have Credit?

Short answer, YES. If you served in the military and wish to apply, visit the Helmets to Hardhats website, click register, then click on register under the banner that says “Veteran Career Seeker”, enter your information, choose either Carpenter or Millwright in the drop down menu and the site will direct from there, or just visit your local training center.

Will I Need To Spend A Lot Of Money On Tools?

You will need a fair amount of tools, but not right away. The apprenticeship program is structured so that as you continue to learn different skills, you will need more tools. So your first through fourth year of your apprenticeship will have a list of tools you will need to purchase in order to perform that aspect of our trade.

Are There Classes I Should Take In High School That Will Better Prepare Me?

If your local school corporation participates in the Career Connections program or has a building trades program, then these would be great preparation for your career in the carpenters. If not, algebra, geometry and any hands on shop classes including welding or any STEM pathway, would be great options to get you started in the right direction.